Who is who and with whom – part one

For those of you who have been following our journey: you might like to know who we are, and which of the horses is our respective partner.

Coming from four different continents and all riding Arab-Berber crossbreds who are carefully selected and trained before they set off on trail rides.

Abdel from Sports Travel, our very responsible and reliable first guide, in charge of everything, thinking of everything and always with an open ear for everyone, riding Sarab, stallion, 8 years old:

Ibrahim, our second guide – you have read about him: he always got to ride the potential “swap horse”. Here, you see him with Abdel, trying to find the safest was downhill …

After Ibrahim left, Obama accompanied us. Here, you see him on Antar, a 8 year-old stallion

Amanda, our youngest rider, responsible for all the professional photos and video clips, member of the team from Sports Travel. Here, you see her on Antar, stallion, 8 years old.

Susan from Germany, living in the United States, who arranged this together with Abdel, riding 11 year-old Bahar, a stallion.

Michael from Sweden, here riding Nassim, stallion, 6 years old:

Rosemary from New Zealand on Moonlight, an 8-year old stallion:

Monique, also from New Zealand, on Rahil, 11 years, stallion:

Samantha from New Zealand, on Kenzo, a 10 year-old gelding:

John, the fourth of our Kiwis, on Ossmane, 9, stallion:

… To be continued – see part two


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