The Last week has started …

Next Thursday we are flying off to Marrakesh and our journey into time will start. Meeting with the first part of the group in a small hotel near to the medina. Some tours in Marrakesh are already planned – everything is set up. Everything? really? …. we’ll see and learn. 😎
With this image in a post on Facebook it all has started. Susan wrote about a trip she wanted to go since a long time. Sitting on our couch I read this and showed it to my wife: „Look – this looks just fantastic …“ – now I’m sitting in my office preparing lists for my colleagues for the next next coming weeks.
The days ahead will be filled with preparations for our horses here in Germany as well as for us. Washing, repairing and double checking the gear. Controlling the checklists (YES ! – we have more than one). Some stuff is still missing (some new electronic toys) but will hopefully arrive on time. إن شاء الله !


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