Tata – here we come

After having covered about 54 hours in the saddle or having walked our horses the past week, we reached Tata for our second day off. The 287 km took us along dry riverbeds, across stone desserts with no paths, we saw effects of irrigation and the impact of salination, rode in a former aquaduct and had some adventures along our way: had to jump over a water-filled stream and immediately zigzagged up a steep slope densely grown with acacia bushes. For someone from Northern Germany not something you come across easily…;-).

We also crossed Le Draa, the horses enjoying themselves with drinking and splashing.
Walked across an area similar to the dead lands and felt as if we were on our way to Mordor – determined as we are to hopefully reach La Plage Blanche on healthy horses…

Usually, we would set off at 9 am and cover 27-29 km until we meet team members for lunch : fresh salads and pasta or rice with a sauce, fish and fruit. And mandatory: mint tea!
Horses and team are doing an excellent job, and we are in very good spirits!


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