Marrakech – where we will group …

First half of the group will join at the Riad Al Nour – a really beautiful place to stay.

The rooms are spacious and cozy – and the people are warm-hearted, friendly and helpful. The city itself is crowded but relatively calm and clean. I’ve seen different ….

We were welcomed with tea and a good chat with the manager and Rosemary – one of our fellow riders. Later we had another tea when Monique arrived. Both are from New Zealand and we immediately found a lot to talk about – horse people!

After a day’s travel we decided to just have a short walk to Jemaa El Fna – the most famous place in Marrakech.

… and here you’ll find horses, carriages and everything you need: Music, food, artists, people just enjoying, souvenirs….

Good night.


2 thoughts on “Marrakech – where we will group …”

  1. Ihr lieben wewetzers! Wir werden versuchen euch zu begleiten und drücken euch ganz fest die Daumen! Schickt bald Bilder der Pferde! Es ist ein großes Abenteuer und fasziniert uns Daheimgebliebenen! Viel Glück und einen erfolgreichen Ritt! Barbara und Jochen

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