16 days and craving chocolate…!

13 riders traversing the desert, along the border of Algeria from the dunes of Merzouga to La Plage Blanche. This is the journey we all have decided to partake together, enduring all the challenges that a month on horseback can bring…. one of which is chocolate deprivation and running out of Marmite for the Kiwis in the group. The small things become the most important for all of us.

Though I’d say for me is sharing this voyage with a group of horse lovers and hearing about their horse riding treks… And hearing Jude and Tania’s daily wake up giggling from their tent (teat as John pronounces).

Daily life on our voyage is gradually turning into a sort of moving caravan of nomads with their horses instead of Dromedary… Arriving at camp every night, untaking our four legged friends and sharing stories over cups of mint tea as one by one we take turns for our bucket showers coming back smelling fresh. Then waiting for one of Dakhla’s (the cook) fantastic culinary masterpieces all cooked in is little tent on camping gas… desert the moment we all realize that we all are craving chocolate! “Can we order a chocolate cake?” Tania asks Abdel one evening..!

Counting down the part of the journey where we have passed the half way mark of our trip and the KMs are adding up and are quite impressive. Can not wait to see the final countdown in 9 days!


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